Except for a trace of tal oil, the resultant soap has no organic, or inorganic compounds and consists mainly of water, new bio carbon, and nitrogen.

Nature's GiftTM uses water as it's transfer medium. Normally, the water molecule H2O does not exist by itself, but instead because of molecular bonding it exists as large clumps like H20O10.  Nature's GiftTM breaks that bonding so the water molecule can carry the particles of Nature's GiftTM  deep into the layers of your skin to not only cleanse your skin but also hydrate and moisturize your skin. 

About Us


Nature's Gift™ is unlike anything else you've ever used.

What makes Nature's Gift™ special is it's angstrom (sub molecular) particle size. Size wise when compared to other cleansing soaps and lotions it's like comparing the size of a bread crumb to the size of a toaster. This means that Nature's Gift™ products can actually penetrate into the deeper layers of skin.



About Us

Nature's GiftTM products were discovered by accident. The formulator of the products is an expert and author of How to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites.

The first product was a deep cleaning debriding soap which when used in a bath extracted skin parasites from the sufferer's skin. The deep cleaning soap is actually liquid graphite--which gives it a soapy feeling and makes it a unique surfactant.  It's submolecular (angstrom) size breaks the molecular bonding of water so that it and the water deep clean the skin like no other.

Most products in the market clean the pores. Nature's GiftTM  not only cleans the pores, but the cells that go to make-up the pores.

The first attempt to make a cream used shea butter and cocoanut oil that unfortunately was greasy, gritty, and melted at 76 degrees F.

Nature's GiftTM debriding creams are still made, however, from there formulations were discovered to first create a Beauty ForeverTM line of creams that did not melt, were not greasy, gritty, but instead are salon quality.

First came the Rejuvenation Cream of the Red Rose line with a rose scent which is infused with the liquid graphite. Unlike the graphite color of gray, liquid graphite has an amber color.

Soon thereafter came the Skin Balance Softener Serum and the Exfoliant rose scented cream which, in addition to liquid graphite, has ellagic acid added.

If you Google ellagic acid, you'll find numerous entries of it being used effectively to deal with skin cancer.

The Beauty ForeverTM line of creams is different than any other in the market place as being the first to contribute to healthy skin.

The FDA prevents us from making any claims as to what to expect health wise. All we can say is that Beauty ForeverTM products not only revitalize and hydrate your skin, they contribute to the health of your skin.

Remember, the liquid graphite is used by Morgellons and other skin parasite sufferers to deep clean their skin. And when your skin is deep cleaned, it can function normally. And when your skin functions normally it is healthy.

And the beauty of the creams (pun intended) is that they are water activated. Yes, apply in the morning and splash on some water throughout the day to activate.


These statements about Beauty Forever™ and Nature' s Gift™ products have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. They will  not change the function or structure of your body.