Except for a trace of tal oil, the resultant soap has no organic, or inorganic compounds and consists mainly of water, new bio carbon, and nitrogen.

Nature's GiftTM uses water as it's transfer medium. Normally, the water molecule H2O does not exist by itself, but instead because of molecular bonding it exists as large clumps like H20O10.  Nature's GiftTM breaks that bonding so the water molecule can carry the particles of Nature's GiftTM  deep into the layers of your skin to not only cleanse your skin but also hydrate and moisturize your skin. 

Demodex Cleanse


Nature's Gift™ is unlike anything else you've ever used.

What makes Nature's Gift™ special is it's particle size of just 6 angstroms—smaller than nano technology is angstrom technology. Size wise when compared to other soaps and lotions it's like comparing the size of a tiny pebble to the size of a toaster. This means that Nature's Gift™ products can actually penetrate into the deeper layers of skin.



Most likely, you've come to this site because you've tried a variety of different creams and ointments and are looking for something that is really going to work. The technical information about symptoms of various skin mites on both man and animal are at the bottom of this page.

Nature's Gift™ Demodex Skin Cleanse, Pet Skin Cleanse, and Pet Ear Cleanse are specially formulated for your pet. Normal soaps are made from combining lye (a caustic agent) with various oils. Because you’ve used normal soaps all your life, you have become accustomed to the slimy nature of soap. Once you apply regular soap, you must wash it away with water to get rid if it along with any dirt particles on your skin.

Nature’s Gift™ soaps are different. They are not made from lye. They are made from corn extracts, rice, oats, sugar, and natural alcohols in a special process. Once the process is finished, there are no soap molecules--in fact there are no chemical compounds at all. The ingredients of Nature’s Gift™ Soaps from this process are: water, new bioform carbon, nitrogen and traces of (less than .01%) of tall oil, ammonium nitrogen, and alcohol. Does not contain any benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, sulfur, resorcinol or resorcinol monoacetate

Aside from the fact that Nature's Gift has no chemical make-up, the real difference between Nature’s Gift™ soaps and all other soaps is the particle size. The particle size of Nature’s Gift™ is angstrom sized (sub molecular). Einstein says that anything less than one angstrom is energy—not matter. It is that small. Size wise, compared to regular soaps, it’s like comparing the size of a small pebble to that of a fat cat.

Gentle—non irritating--will not sting or burn your pet.

Hypoallergenic, non toxic, non GMO, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.

Put Angstrom Power to Work for Your Pet™

What does this mean? It means that Nature’s Gift™ does not film your pet's skin like regular soap. It means that Nature’s Gift™ penetrates to the deeper layer of the dermis to remove debris.

Use Nature’s Gift™ Demodex Cleanse, with water, to wash the skin affected with
• Demodex mites
• Red Mange
• Scabies
• Roscea's Red Face
Then dry and again apply Nature’s Gift™ Demodex Skin Cleanse to the same affected area and let dry on it’s own. Initially, you’ll feel a soapy feeling on your skin and when it has dried, Nature’s Gift™ has gone deep inside your skin. Use it in the shower in place of your regular soap and you’ll never go back to ucky slimy soap again.

For your pet: apply Nature's Gift™ Pet Skin Cleanse to areas affected by:
• Scoropic Mange
• Canine Scabies

Gently massage into the skin several times a day.

Ear Mites: Apply a few drops of Nature's Gift™ Pet Ear Cleanse to the affected ear. Suave out any debris and reapply to let dry on it's own.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. None of these products are intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any disease. They do not affect the structure or function of the body or animal.


Truly, Relief is Just a Soap Away™. Complete satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

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Please note that in rare cases, mites can be the carrier of more dangerous microscopic parasites creating many of the following symptoms:

• Something is crawling on and under your skin?

• Burning and/or stinging sensations?

• Itching that won't stop?

• Sores appear out of nowhere and take forever to clear up?

• Fibers growing from lesions on your skin?

• Black specks in your bed?

• Cotton-lint-like substance in your bedding or clothing?

• Something invisible jumping onto and biting your ankles and lower portion of your legs?

If you If you have the above symptoms, you'll need more than Nature's Gift™ Demodex Skin Cleanse, you'll need Nature's Gift™ Debriding Soap and some valuable instruction to get your life back. Go to for more information.

Information re Demodex, Rosacea, and Sarcopic Mange (Scabies)

According to Wikipedia, “Two species living on humans have been identified: Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis, both frequently referred to as eyelash mites. Demodex canis lives on the domestic dog”

In humans, it's stated in Wikipedia, “In the vast majority of cases, the mites go unobserved, without any adverse symptoms, but in certain cases (usually related to a suppressed immune system, caused by stress or illness) mite populations can dramatically increase, resulting in a condition known as demodicosis or Demodex mite bite, characterized by itching, inflammation and other skin disorders. (inflammation of the eyelids) can also be caused by Demodex mites. Evidence of a correlation between Demodex infection and acne vulgaris exists suggesting it may play a role in promoting acne."

Many suspect that the cause of Rosacea red face is from an infestation of demodex mites.

One informative site about the mites depicts the condition as having tiny bugs on your face crawling about, laying eggs deep in your pores, and then they release an outpouring of feces as they die—totally disgusting.

In dogs, it's further stated in Wikipedia, “The species Demodex canis lives predominantly on the domestic dog, but can occasionally infest humans. Although the majority of infestations are commensal, and therefore subclinical, they can develop into a condition called demodectic mange.” Demodectic mange is also know as demodicosis or the red mange.

Symptoms of Demodectic Mange:
Massive numbers of mites clog hair follicles causing the skin to deteriorate resulting in crusting lesions and sores. Five or more patches of hair loss are notice on the head, legs, and body.  Eventually leading to itching and scratching resulting in inflammation of the skin

"Sarcoptic mange, also known as canine scabies, is a highly contagious infestation of Sarcoptes scabiei canis, a burrowing mite. The canine sarcoptic mite can also infest cats, pigs, horses, sheep, and various other species. The human analog of burrowing mite infection, due to a closely related species, is called scabies (the "seven year itch").

All these burrowing mites are in the family Sarcoptidae. They dig into and through the skin, causing intense itching from an allergic reaction to the mite, and crusting that can quickly become infected. Hair loss and crusting frequently appear first on elbows and ears. Skin damage can occur from the dog's intense scratching and biting. Secondary skin infection is also common. Dogs with chronic sarcoptic mange are often in poor condition, and in both animals and humans, immune suppression from starvation or any other disease causes this type of mange to develop into a highly crusted form in which the burden of mites is far higher than in healthy specimens," from Wikepaedia.

Symptoms of sarcoptic mange:
Sarcoptic mange results in intense itching from the onset. The animal may scratch or chew at itself in an attempt to alleviate the intense discomfort.

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