Beauty Forever Make Up RemoverBeauty Forever Make-up Remover 4 0z.  $19.00



Ultimate Unisex Shaving Soap is unlike anything else you've ever used.

What makes the Ultimate Unisex Shaving Soap special is how it works with water to sharpen your razor, and also hydrates, soothes, revitalizes, and cleans even the deeper layers of your skin.



Ultimate Unisex Shaving Soap -- The best shaving soap on the planet.

One 3 oz bar $9.00 plus S&H
Three 3 oz bars $8.75 ea plus S&H


Beauty Forever Shaving Soap 
Ultimate Unisex Shaving Soap: You'll write me and tell me that:
Your razor never seems to get dull--it's stays forever sharp!
Your shave is closer than ever before!
A simple rinse and your razor is clean and never clogs!
Your sensitive skin loves it.
The shaving soap deeply cleans your skin!
Your skin is plump and hydrated!
Skin discomforts from acne, ingrown hairs, and so on are diminished!

Ultimate Unisex Shaving Soap is guilty on all counts. It will seem like your razor never ever gets dull as glides over your skin to give you the closest shave ever; and your razor will never clog--Guaranteed!

Take the dull razor challenge: When you're razor has reached it's useful life, don't throw it away. Instead lather up with the Ultimate Unisex Shaving Soap and watch your razor extend it's life.
The Ultimate Unisex Shaving Soap does not contain any Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Sulfur Resorcinol or Resorcinol Monoacetate

Beauty Forever™ Skin Balance/ Softener Serum

  Skin Balance Softener in attractive pump applicator 2 oz $95.00

How to Use Beauty Forever™ Products

Apply to your face and all parts of your body that is subject to wrinkles and dehydration.
Step #1 Use Beauty Forever shaving soap in the shower, work into a lather, and then rinse.

Step #2 Massage Exfoliant into your wet skin and then wipe with damp cloth

Step #3 Apply Skin Balance Softener and massage into the skin.

Step #4 Next apply Total Revitalization cream and leave on all day.

Note: any time you wet your skin, you active the special ingredients in the cream that cleans and and hydrates your skin.

Repeat at night before retiring, if desired.

Beauty Forever™
Xfoliant Cream

The best xfoliant for your skin on the planet.

One ounce $32.00 plus S&H
Silver Jar 1.4 ounces $56.00 plus S&H
Beauty Forever Xfoliant Cream

Beauty Forever™ Total Revitalization Cream

The best cream for your skin on the planet.

One ounce $27.00 plus S&H
Silver Jar 1.4 ounces $51.00 plus S&H


Beauty Forever Revitalization


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