Except for a trace of tal oil, the resultant soap has no organic, or inorganic compounds and consists mainly of water, new bio carbon, and nitrogen.

Nature's GiftTM uses water as it's transfer medium. Normally, the water molecule H2O does not exist by itself, but instead because of molecular bonding it exists as large clumps like H20O10.  Nature's GiftTM breaks that bonding so the water molecule can carry the particles of Nature's GiftTM  deep into the layers of your skin to not only cleanse your skin but also hydrate and moisturize your skin. 

Pet Ear Cleanse


Nature's Gift™ is unlike anything else you've ever used.

What makes Nature's Gift™ special is it's particle size of just 6 angstroms—smaller than nano technology is angstrom technology. Size wise when compared to other soaps and lotions it's like comparing the size of a tiny pebble to that of a large rock. This means that Nature's Gift™ products can actually penetrate into the deeper layers of skin.



Most likely, you've come to this site because you've tried a variety of different ear cleanse products and are looking for something that is really going to work.

Nature’s Gift™ products are different. They are made from renewable plant sources, (corn extracts, rice, oats, sugar, and natural alcohols) in a proprietary process. Once the process is finished, there are no chemical compounds at all. The ingredients of Nature’s Gift™, from this proprietary process, are: water, new bioform carbon, nitrogen and traces of (less than .01%) of tall oil, ammonium nitrogen, and alcohol. Does not contain any benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, sulfur, resorcinol or resorcinol monoacetate.

Aside from the fact that Nature's Gift has no chemical compounds, the real difference between Nature’s Gift™ and all other products is the particle size. The particle size of Nature’s Gift™ is 6 angstroms (sub nano). Einstein says that anything less than one angstrom is energy—not matter. It is that small. Size wise, compared to regular soaps, it’s like comparing the size of a small pebble to that of a rock.

Gentle—non irritating--will not sting or burn your pet.

Hypoallergenic, non toxic, non GMO, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.

Put Angstrom Power to Work for Your Pet™

How Angstrom Technology Works!
There are seven (7) ways that such solutions may affect small bodied insects, bacteria, fungus, etc.
1. Fatty acid angstroms penetrate and dissolve lipid cellular membranes of insects. This causes cells to leak and collapse.
2. By interfering with cellular metabolism during metamorphosis.
3. By dissolving the lubrication in the insect's joints leading to paralysis.
4. By stripping the insect's organic shields (wax, biofilm, etc), rendering it defenseless against subsequent treatment.
5. The extracts impact the exoskeleton structure of pests upon contact by disrupting the molecular structure of the chitin and other protein substances that protect the insect.
6. The extracts have the ability to penetrate complex hydrocarbon chains and disintegrate them.
7. The extracts emulsify bacteria thus stopping their reproduction cycle.


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These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any disease. It does not affect the structure or function of the body or animal. It cleans the skin of debris so it may function more normally.


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