Except for a trace of tal oil, the resultant soap has no organic, or inorganic compounds and consists mainly of water, new bio carbon, and nitrogen.

Nature's GiftTM uses water as it's transfer medium. Normally, the water molecule H2O does not exist by itself, but instead because of molecular bonding it exists as large clumps like H20O10.  Nature's GiftTM breaks that bonding so the water molecule can carry the particles of Nature's GiftTM  deep into the layers of your skin to not only cleanse your skin but also hydrate and moisturize your skin. 



Nature's Gift™ is unlike anything else you've ever used.

What makes Nature's Gift™ special is it's angstrom (sub molecular) particle size. Size wise when compared to other cleansing soaps and lotions it's like comparing the size of a bread crumb to the size of a toaster. This means that Nature's Gift™ products can actually penetrate into the deeper layers of skin..




Experience angstrom technology yourself:

Wet your skin and apply any other soap. It will feel like a film covering your skin and you have to wash it off to get rid of the slick film. Then apply Nature's Gift™ to another area—no wetting necessary. As you gently rub it a few times you will quickly feel the difference. Nature's Gift™ soaks into your skin and the slickness disappears—no need to wash off.



Where lotions build up, Nature's Gift™ goes deep inside your skin.

The magic of Nature's Gift™ is that it deep cleans the deepest layers of your skin removing all debris that clogs pores so the skin may function normally.

Nature’s Gift Bug & Insect Cleanse Takes The Sting Out Of Bug and Insect Bites 9/13/18

As summer wraps up across the United States, the threat of bug and insect bites is still a huge nuisance for people spending time in the great outdoors during the coming fall months. With mosquitoes still carrying the threat of West Nile Disease, deer ticks carrying Lyme disease to new areas of the Untied States, and red ants attacking at the beach during the recent vacation season, most people are at a loss at what to do to stop the itching and biting caused by these pests. Richard Kuhns, B. S. Ch. E., the inventor and owner of Nature’s Gift Bug and Insect Cleanse, has the solution.

His bug and insect cleanse takes the extreme discomfort out the constant itching and scratching associated with these pests in a wholly natural and environmentally friendly way.

Up until now, there’s been nothing on the market that really helps. He states, “The key is to deep clean the skin. While most itching solutions are made from combining lye (which is a caustic agent) with various types of oils, all you’re getting is soap which you must wash away with water to get rid of it along with any dirt particles on your skin.” Why is Nature’s Gift Bug and Insect Cleanse different?

1- It doesn’t have the slimy character of soap.
2- It is hypoallergenic, non toxic, non GMO, and biodegradable.
3- It is not made from lye. Instead, it is made from bio-degradable corn extracts, rice, oats, sugar, and natural alcohols in a special process.

Once this process is finished, there are no soap molecules. The process used in Nature’s Gift Bug and Insect Cleanse results in all natural ingredients which consist of water, new bioform carbon, nitrogen, and traces of (less than .01%) of tall oil, ammonium nitrogen, and alcohol.

Aside from the chemical make-up, the real difference between Nature's Gift Insect, Bee, Red Ant Sting Cleanse and all other soaps is the particle size. Sub molecular, angstrom sized particles go deep into bug bites and stings where no other product can go, to hydrate and remove debris to relieve discomfort. This is the real power people are looking for. They want to stop the constant itching and scratching and Nature’s Gift Bug and Insect Cleanse does the most thorough job as well as stopping the itching and scratching the all natural way. Nature’s Gift Bug and Insect Cleanse is made to soothe the discomfort of the skin associated with bee stings, mosquito bites, bug bites, red ants and it has also been shown to relieve the  discomfort from poison ivy, poison sumac and poison oak skin irritations. To find out more about how to take the extreme discomfort out of bug and insect bites the all- natural way and to contact Richard to get your own bottle or add it to your store offerings, click here.

Contact Richard at 732-531-1178